Discipline 3.0

turning your talents into strengths

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Discipline in Action
  • Seek out roles and responsibilities where structure exists. Respond to your urge to ensure things are done right – with time, it will be expected and appreciated by your team.
  • Create routines for systematic follow-through. It will give you greater confidence in moving forward.
  • Mistakes frustrate you. Precision is a core part of who you are; however, finding ways to quickly move past these disappointments is essential to your success.

Discipline in Careers

  • You flourish in environments that allow you to maintain order for yourself and others. Your talent for organizing is useful in a variety of settings.
  • Work that requires a high level of abstract thinking would likely be uncomfortable for you. Daily routines and established expectations allow you to be most productive. Alternatively, cluttered and unpredictable environments may frustrate you.
  • Roles that demand precision and detail-orientation are likely a good fit for you. Research the work of brain surgeons, tax specialists, air traffic controllers, and executive assistants.

discipline 3.0