Empathy 3.0

turning your talents into strengths

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Empathy in Action

  • You have the ability to help people name their feelings, a quality that allows them to work more effectively with others.
  • For those with low Empathy, you can help your colleagues be aware of the feelings of the people with whom they work.
  • You have the talent to, without talking, let other people understand that you know how they are feeling. This ability builds trust.

Empathy in Careers

  • Individuals with Empathy likely need environments that allow for regular social interaction and opportunities for collaboration with others.
  • The emotional tone of a work environment is significant to someone with Empathy; they are likely┬ámotivated by being around people who are upbeat and positive.
  • Empathy talents have excelled in careers such as teaching, counseling, and working in the clergy.

empathy 3.0