Competition 3.0

turning your talents into strengths

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Competition in Action

– Competition in its mature form inspires entire teams to reach new levels of excellence. Explore leadership opportunities as a way to cultivate your talent of Competition.
– The process of measuring success is important to someone with Competition. Surround yourself with individuals who are also striving for lofty goals – they will challenge and energize you to improve your performance.

Competition in Careers

– In any field, an individual with Competition in their dominant talents will need to be able to define what it means to win, whether it be metrics, awards, or incentives.
– Ensure that your talent of Competition is provided an outlet to demonstrate excellence. An environment that frowns upon a competitive nature will be discouraging and stifling.
– Sales and business, politics, law, and athletics are all areas in which someone with strong Competition talents may flourish.

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