Connectedness 3.0

turning talents into strengths

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Connectedness in Action
  • Connectedness sees the link in all things. This perspective creates a sense that we are all responsible for our part of the bigger picture – to exploit others is to harm all, including yourself. This intrinsic awareness is the foundation of your value system.
  • You see humanity as being unity. As a natural bridge-builder of people, step into this strength and identify opportunities in your life where your Connectedness talent may be untapped.
  • The Connectedness perspective brings comfort. Identify purpose for others who struggle to see it themselves. As a relationship building talent, Connectedness draws others in with their hopeful perspective.

Connectedness in Careers

  • Individuals with Connectedness, regardless of career or position, need to understand the bigger picture. If you manage someone with Connectedness, help them personally connect with the mission of your organization.
  • For young adults entering the workforce, consider dedicating a year or so to a service organization such as the Peace Corps or Habitat for Humanity. It will broaden your sense of the world and likely give you a more defined sense of what you want to do in your career.
  • The beauty of Connectedness is its ability to be a benefit in many fields. Just remember that this talent needs interactions with others to feel content. Avoid jobs with a focus on routine procedures or working in isolation, as these types of positions may feel draining to you.

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