Belief 3.0

turning talents into strengths

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Belief in Action
  • Individuals with Belief have steadfast values. While the nature of the values can vary from person to person, the Belief talent has high ethics standards and a sense of responsibility.
  • Your values establish your priorities and give your life meaning and satisfaction. Chances are, you view success as being larger than money and prestige.
  • The consistency of your beliefs is the foundation of your relationships. Other people “know where you stand” and can count on you to uphold your own standards.

Belief in Careers

  • Above all else, an individual with Belief cannot be required to compromise their values in the workplace. Integrity is a nonnegotiable.
  • Look for jobs in companies with a defined mission that lines up with your core values. Believing in your work is vital to your engagement.
  • Often, individuals with the Belief talent have a strong commitment to their families. As you weigh job opportunities, consider how a position would affect your work-life balance.
  • Consider careers in helping professions such as medicine, law enforcement, social work, refugee relocation, teaching, or ministry.

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