Includer 3.0

turning talents into strengths

Quiz Yourself (18)

Includer in Action
  • The Includer talent helps others understand that developing an appreciation of others comes through shared experiences.
  • You want people to feel a part of something and are frustrated by exclusive circles. You feel that all people should have access to a support system.
  • Your acceptance of others isn’t based on an appreciation of individual differences; rather, you believe we are all fundamentally the same and should therefore be treated with respect.

Includer in Careers

  • Jobs that involve welcoming others, such as on-boarding new employees or recruiting talent, would allow you to utilize this talent.
  • You would likely feel fulfilled by working with an underserved population. Helping those who often get overlooked would allow your Includer talent to flourish.
  • An environment that fosters teamwork will be an important factor in your job. As a relationship building theme, Includer thrives around people.
  • Consider jobs such as social work, occupational therapy, special education, and mission work.