4 Points to Powerful Partnerships

4 Points to Powerful Partnerships (1)

For 10 years, I was an accountant. Not a good one, but because we owned our own business, the money side of things fell to me. All the accounts payable, receivable, taxes, payroll and all those debits and credits fell to my non-analytical mind….and I was miserable. I really thought I could handle it all until I took a Strengths assessment. The talent of ANALYTICAL was at #33 out of 34. No wonder I had been miserable. So my husband and I set out to find someone we could trust, someone who loved numbers. We found Michele, who has #1 Achiever, #3 Responsibility, and #5 Analytical, and we let her work her magic.

Point 1: Sometimes people clash because one of them is in the wrong role and not naturally talented to carry their weight of the partnership.

Fast forward two years. Without the accounting burden and with the comfort of knowing the task was being done VERY well without me, I can now carry some of the burdens of growing the business. Training and networking, meeting new people, and developing teams and individuals hits my sweet spot (WOO, Communication, Developer). I am happier and the business is growing stronger than ever with the right people in the right roles. Now, with the training side of the business comes small tiny details that still elude me. Building spreadsheets and spelling words correctly and designing websites….can take hours upon hours.

Point 2: My weaknesses can be a blindspot that will keep me from reaching my goals. Be aware of blindspots and hire wisely to fill these areas.

So now, Jensen enters the picture. She has #1 Restorative and #5 Discipline. She loves tiny details and excels at researching how to make projects aesthetically pleasing. She also has a degree in Psychology from Clemson, so she is fascinated by people. There is no competition between us, because she likes and desires to be behind the scenes. She is delighted when her creations are used and people are changed and grown by them.

Point 3: A common mission gives a partnership reason to be selfless and noncompetitive. A “me first” mentality causes marriages to clash, organizations to crumble, and groups to fade in progress.

Yesterday, as our desks sat next to each other, Jensen produced quality items as I built my slideshow and honed my teaching for this week. I took sales calls and gave out pricing and sent codes out to new customers, while she plotted 150 names on 14 different team grids. I never once worried that something wasn’t getting done. I didn’t turn and ask what she was doing and didn’t feel the need to remind her of details.

Point 4: Trust is the foundation of any healthy partnership. Trust helps partnerships to click while others clash.

Working with others often means that things are messy. Most people will thrive, however, when they are valued for who they are innately. Honoring differences and placing people on the right bus and in the right seat within an organization can have powerful effects. Ordinary people can come together and produce extraordinary results. Powerful partnerships make a difference.