Are You Selling With Your Strengths?


“Great salespeople are fairly rare and if you are one, then good. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re just part of a crowd.” – Strengths-Based Selling

Hunting for business is a part of every sales role, yet many times managers try to make people successful based on what worked for them or the advice of some guru or sales speaker with an XYZ approach. Most of the time, these principles do not work for most people. Through tons of research and data, Gallup has determined the most successful sales people understand their innate talents and strengths and use them consistently to sell more effectively.

No two salespeople are alike. One of you might thrive in competitive contests, while your cube mate is exceptional at analytically determining which sales opportunity has the best ROI. Someone down the hall is great at building deep, long-term relationships. Someone else is a brilliant strategist. The BEST salespeople learn their talents, refine their talents, and execute based on who they are naturally.

Here is a question: what do you need help with in your sales role?

The answer and brilliance lies within who you already are. Do you have an understanding of what you do best? Are you thinking about doing your role like you or like your manager?

Here’s how a successful, strengths-based salesperson might look:

Achiever: You might find sitting still in meetings to be difficult. Plan the agenda, set objectives, and gently help move the conversation forward. When you can control the pace of the meeting, you will be more relaxed and efficient.
Analytical: Create reports that show the buying patterns of your customers. This will add value to your sales calls and retention in your business. You can assess patterns of growth more clearly.
Communication: Be aware of what form of communication works best with each customer. Use that knowledge to customize your message based on your audience. Tell stories that bring relevance to your product.
Individualization: Your natural talent will help you understand the unexpressed needs and concerns of your client. Ask smart questions with this information, understand their fears, and come up with new solutions.

If you are feeling “stuck” in your sales role, the above questions could be thoughts to ponder. Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment here, identify what your Top 5 talents are, and read and grow in those talents. Your talents are unique to you; leveraging them can improve your performance and potential.

It takes work but AVERAGE in your role is a choice.