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So You Took a Talent Assessment…Now What?
I run into people all the time who are excited to tell me they took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment online. The accuracy of the information is “spooky good” and they find it fascinating. They proudly tell me their Top 5 “strengths” by listing their talent themes. While the purpose of the report is to give you a language to accurately describe who you are, deep down I cringe when I hear them call their talents strengths. Let me explain why. Read More

conflictWhat’s it Like to Work with Me?
It’s an interesting question. We all would like to respond with words like awesome, great, helpful, and hardworking. And in some regards, this could be true. Though often when I work with a team, I hear a lot of blaming. I’ve tripped through enough relationship potholes to know that it takes two to tango. I can try to give all the relationship advice in the universe; but in the end, it has to start with personal accountability. Read More

What Triggers You?triggers
Recently, I met with a couple for a session on communication. The wife was frustrated with her husband’s obstinate behavior. She described his highly competitive nature in golf, football, and their son’s basketball games but said he would not even consider playing board games with her and the kids. It didn’t make sense to her why he would not participate.
Many times, we prance around in our daily lives with blinders on.  
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Are You Selling With Your Strengths?
“Great salespeople are fairly rare and if you are one, then good. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re just part of a crowd.” – Strengths-Based Selling
Hunting for business is a part of every sales role, yet many times managers try to make people successful based on what worked for them or the advice of some guru or sales speaker with an XYZ approach. Most of the time, these principles do not work for most people. Read More


Time to Reinvent Yourself?
I am a 49-year-old, soon-to-be empty-nester. Forty-nine New Year’s Eves have come and gone. I have been involved in many goal setting meetings, year-end planning sessions, and bought lots of journals to organize my plans for the upcoming year. I have made and broken more resolutions than I can keep track of. Consistently though, there is one habit that has resurfaced over and over again. That habit is the act of REINVENTING myself.
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leaves5 Fundamentals in Valuing Others
When people at a networking event ask me about my career, I often say that I teach people how to value others. Many are surprised at this remark and almost every time they reply, “Well, does it work?” Oddly enough, this type of work seems to be in great demand. What has happened to our society, that we have forgotten how to value people who are different from us? Did we ever really know? Read More

A healthy mental shift for Millennials…written by a Millennialblog
Generally speaking, the individuals who make up Generation Y are dreamers. Many of us were raised on the notion of “you can be anything you want to be.” It was a common phrase to hear from our parents who, with the best of intentions, wanted to raise us differently than did their parent’s generation – a generation that held the principle of working to survive and provide over working to fulfill a grand purpose in life. Neither paradigm is wrong, but like all things, both have a general pattern of consequences, whether positive or negative.
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beauty-in-others-imageCan You Spot the Beauty in Others?
My senior year of high school, I had a GPA of 2.3. Obviously, I was very social and loved to chat and meet people and be involved in every activity, but studying and preparing for class, well…they were not my strong points. Regardless, my senior year I worked in the office with all the counselors and principals of the school. One of the counselors, Mrs. Bishop, took a real interest in me. She knew my personal story and began to research colleges that might accept a GPA of 2.3 and an SAT score of 790. Read More


Born this Way?
When Corrie was in elementary school, she played softball for her local rec team. She started as pitcher, but soon the coach needed to move her to outfield. Corrie was dissatisfied and frustrated with this move. She knew that moving to the outfield position would no longer allow her to be the center of the field or the center of attention from the stands. This event so irritated her that she quit the team. Guess what strength is in her Top 5? Significance. Read More


4 Points to Powerful Partnerships
For 10 years, I was an accountant. Not a good one, but because we owned our own business, the money side of things fell to me. All the accounts payable, receivable, taxes, payroll and all those debits and credits fell to my non-analytical mind….and I was miserable. I really thought I could handle it all until I took a Strengths assessment. The talent of ANALYTICAL was at #33 out of 34. No wonder I had been miserable.
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I once met a guy who sold very upscale timeshares to clients. He talked to customers about all the bells and whistles and how they needed to live in such luxury. He would drive the clients around in a golf cart and show them condos for sale, all the features of the complex, and go over the finance options. He was very versed on the features of the deal, but he didn’t sell many. You see, he had a tooth in the front of his mouth that kept falling out.
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The Power of Celebration
“It says more about a son how he celebrates his mother on Mother’s Day than it speaks about the mother.”  I read this quote on the Saturday before the Hallmark-created day, and it stopped me in my tracks.  What does it say about me and you when we don’t know how to celebrate others, and what is stopping us from appreciating people? Learning how to see the good in others is an important quality in emotionally healthy adults. It shows traits like forgiveness, acceptance of personal gaps, loss of pridefulness, and an understanding of differences.
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Identifying Talent in Youthtalent in youth
Graduation time is upon us.  So many dreams, thoughts of the future, and possibilities lay in front of these young 18-year-olds.  It really is the “best of times and the worst of times” for so many. At a graduation several years ago, I sat watching all the student’s slideshows telling about their childhood “accomplishments” and experiences. Quizzically, I then listened to what they would be pursuing in college.
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self awarenessThe New Buzzword: Self-awareness
Recently, I coached a lady with the strength of Significance. She resigned from a very well paying job because she felt dissatisfied with the management style of leadership. After several probing questions, I found that the real reason for her resignation was that she felt ignored, invisible, or unseen. No matter how hard she worked, no one seemed to notice or treat her as if she had value in the organization.
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Does Perception = Reality?perception 1
I have heard the above saying my whole life, but what exactly does it mean? Does it mean that my first impression of people is always accurate? Could it mean that someone’s perception of me is correct? One of the items I try to teach my clients is that when you become self-aware using the language of Strengths Finder, it gives you the opportunity to increase your understanding of how you are being perceived.
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Stand Up
It is New Years Eve.
Inevitably, we are all thinking about a new year, a new start and a new “us”. You will read many posts in the next few weeks that talk about goals, resolutions, weight loss, organization and starting fresh.  While all of those are great ideas and worthy accomplishments, today I want to present a different idea about the new
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Stepping Towards
Do you ever get frustrated at friends or family who sit around waiting for you to visit them?  You know the type, “Y’all come see us,” “When are you guys coming over?” Or how about those that complain, “No one ever invites us to dinner,”  “I never get invited to any Christmas parties!”  It’s always about THEM, their plan, their schedule, their comfort, their terms. But Christ isn’t like them.
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7 Ways to Write a New Thanksgiving Story
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, family drama is always a topic of concern and trepidation. For some, this is the time of year when families spend time together who haven’t seen one another in the other 364 days of the year. Preparing mentally, and physically in some cases, can help keep expectations under control and make the day a memory-making experience rather than one that sends us into a panic attack. Here are 7 steps you can adopt to help your holiday run more smoothly… Read More