The Power of Celebration


“It says more about a son how he celebrates his mother on Mother’s Day than it speaks about the mother.”  I read this quote on the Saturday before the Hallmark-created day, and it stopped me in my tracks.  What does it say about me and you when we don’t know how to celebrate others, and what is stopping us from appreciating people?

Learning how to see the good in others is an important quality in emotionally healthy adults. It shows traits like forgiveness, acceptance of personal gaps, loss of pridefulness, and an understanding of differences. Concentrating on the good of others helps us to lose sight of the things that drive us bananas. Celebrating others produces positive emotions, new-found gratitude, and frankly, makes you a more likable person.

Why are some people naturally talented when it comes to being a celebrator?  Gallup shows 34 strengths in order of intensity when we take a GSF assessment.  If the Strength of POSITIVITY is low for you, don’t despair.  You can manage around this by using other strengths when you need to be enthusiastic. Try using your LEARNER or INPUT to learn what gifts and awards most excite your team or family members.  Ask them what they would love to have and then follow through in your purchasing.  Engage your STRATEGIC to plan an exciting event, party, or encouragement night.  Since STRATEGIC is often intuitive, use it to think about candlewhat the person needs most in the way of support.  Use your INDIVIDUALIZATION to picture just the right gift or just the thing that will make the person feel valued and different, understood and heard; it is a great strength for understanding the differences in others. Engage your ACHIEVER in planning an event.  Put important family dates on your calendar and on your list weeks in advance so that you can be intentional about acknowledging those close to you, a practice that is vital to healthy relationships. Use your strength of COMMUNICATION to write just the right words in a card or on a Facebook post to communicate your love and affection. Stay away from general words like “You are so awesome,” but instead be specific and post something enduring that you appreciate about the person. An unexpected word of encouragement goes a long way. Use your EMPATHY theme to imagine yourself in your team members’ situations and encourage them to keep up the great work they are doing so sacrificially.  It will mean a great deal to someone that you noticed the early mornings or late nights they are sacrificing away from their family to finish the tasks at hand.

Gratitude happens when we celebrate others and reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, ranging from envy and resentment to frustration and regret.  Celebrating others is a refreshing change in a “Me First” world.  The top 1% of people others want to be around are people who speak highly of other people.  In an age where “selfies” are the mainstream of social media, celebrating others is a refreshing change of pace. People are enchanted by those who place others above themselves. The number one reason employees leave their jobs is because they feel ignored. Speaking highly of your employees is a way to encourage them not to play small but to rise to the greatness they were created for.

Celebrating others is important. It’s important for your health and your stress level. It decreases resentment and leads to forgiveness. So throw an ol’ fashioned party, write a note of encouragement, or call your momma right now and tell her you appreciate her. Tap into your Top 5 and figure out a way to make it happen.