Individuals, Couples, and Families

One-on-One Training: Individual one hour coaching session, either in person or over the phone, to take an in-depth approach at understanding your themes and Top 5 theme interactions. Available for teens and adults, whether you are a high school senior unsure of what path to pursue in college or a seasoned adult in a career that just doesn’t feel like a good fit. We will dive into the application of your unique strengths during this one hour session.

Family Session: Often times we assume that sharing our DNA with another individual makes us like-minded, right? Not necessarily. After each member of a family completes the StrengthsFinder assessment, we will meet as a group to further understand each individual’s Top 5 and discuss complementary themes and points of contention. Your family will walk away with a new language for communicating the way you process information and how you get along with others.

Partnering Session: Geared towards couples, this session looks at complementing and differing themes within each individual’s Top 5. Each person works through an exercise to determine the factors that motivate and demotivate one another to facilitate a deeper understanding of the lens through which their partner sees the world. The goal of the session is to produce two individuals who are intent on helping the other to flourish in life, jobs, parenting, and careers.