Special Events and Retreats

Team Retreats: We provide group sessions for teams, managers, small groups, new-hires, and more. Companies and teams thrive most when their people get along, communicate well, and appreciate what each individual brings to the table. We offer a variety of different Strengths-based team exercises that can be mixed and matched according to the focus of the session and time allotted:

  • Strengths 101: Introduction to StrengthsFinder – begin the process of developing a strengths-based culture with an intro session for your team. Each team member completes a StrengthsFinder assessment, receives their Top 5 results, and comes together to learn about their own as well as their coworkers’ strengths in an interactive team training session.
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Communication: Leadership and trust all come down to communication. This session focuses on the Dos and Don’ts of communication to help in the alignment of your team.
  • Tower Challenge: In this timed team exercise, each person’s strengths will be engaged in order to facilitate discussion on how different themes manifest in team environments.
  • Bucket Filling: Building up your coworkers and team members can go a surprisingly long way in boosting morale and creating a company culture that allows its employees to flourish.
  • Interdependency: Helping your team identify the common Toxic Triangle we often fall into. Learn how to identify and correct these negative habits surrounding how we relate to others.
  • Body Language: We often don’t know how we are being perceived. Self-awareness affects job promotion, hiring, and management effectiveness.  This session teaches how to proactively change your body language.
  • Jeopardy: A fun, interactive exercise to help commit to memory the individual meanings of each strength. Includes a prize for the winner!
  • Four Pillars: Geared towards management teams, this exercise walks through the importance of knowing the “why” behind the company vision, how to develop the work culture you want, and the sustainability of that vision and culture. We help our clients define the behaviors and actions that should be associated with the WHY.
  • High Performance Management: designed for the management team, this course takes a closer look at what is means to create a strengths-based culture, the basic needs of all employees, problem-solving with a positive intent, and developing your team using your innate talents.


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