Our Approach

unSTUCK delivers strengths-based consulting through 3 potential methods:


The Big Splash

Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder is launched in an organization through a large retreat or conference. “The Big Splash” is a good way to give an entire organization an overview of StrengthsFinder at one time before developing a plan for driving Strengths deeper into the organization. A Big Splash can also be built around specific pain points of an organization such as a lack of trust or unhealthy communication styles. Retreats are customized to the needs of your team.

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One-on-One Consulting

Whether you are a manager who is curious about implementing a strengths-based program with your team or a professional looking to develop your natural talents, unSTUCK offers a one-on-one consulting package.

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3-year plan for StrengthsFinder Implementation

Year One – Leadership Alignment
High-performance Management – using a strengths lens to address problems in the organization
Strengths Ambassadors – choose 1-2 people from each office location for an in-depth training on StrengthsFinder in order to drive the Strengths initiative
Individual Coaching – one-on-one coaching for leadership team on how to manage with strengths
Begin Team Assessments – each team member unlocks their Top 5 Strengths

Year Two – Team Alignment
Intro to StrengthsFinder – conduct all introductory coaching sessions by division
Q12 Testing – utilize Gallup’s Q12 assessment to establish the current employee engagement score. This initial test will serve as the benchmark for engagement growth throughout the process.
Team Development – StrengthsFinder is just one of many tools we employ for team growth. Choose from a variety of team development classes such as 7 Deadly Sins of Communication, Interdependency, The Toxic Triangle, and more.

Year Three – Monitoring the Pulse of the Organization
Retest Q12 – how did engagement change over the past 2 years?
Coaching Around the Q12 – develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s engagement. Practical tools provided for growth in the group’s key areas.
Strengths-based Workshops – keep the language of Strengths alive. Ongoing classes to maintain a strengths-based organization.

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