Corporate Training

According to a recent article I read in Success Magazine, being able to identify personality types can help us exert our influence, improve relationships and communicate more effectively.  For the GBS Building Supply team, that is exactly what Traci Newkirk helped us do through her business unSTUCK.  Through this process, we learned each team members’ top five strengths.  We also learned how to use that knowledge to improve our interaction with each other.  I feel very strongly that this experience will help us work more effectively together to achieve overall success.  In short, the benefits of this program can’t be explained, only experienced.

– Lawanna Dendy
Vice President of GBS Building Supply

What a great experience! Traci helped me and my staff better understand our individual strengths and how they can work in concert with one another.  As a director, seeing how my staff’s strengths can be best utilized within the team has been a valuable tool.  I have found it helpful as I plan and problem-solve our work.  The unSTUCK team did a great job preparing for our session, which led to a productive, informative, challenging, and enjoyable experience.

– Lea Ann Wright
Director of InterFACE Ministries

Growing Your Team

After our retreat, Traci worked with us on several new hires.  It was very beneficial to be able to talk about skill sets and experience needed using the common language from StrengthsFinder. Traci was able to help us focus on necessary strengths and clearly define what we would consider an ideal candidate. We were able to use the StrengthsFinder assessment as a positive tool during our hiring process. Traci’s insight and perspective was invaluable. While you are never able to find the ideal candidate for any position, she was able to help us prioritize the skills/experience needed to be successful in each position as well as within the team. It brings a very holistic feel to the process. As a result, we have made some very strong hires who have fit very well within the team and are already having positive impacts on their respective programs within six months of hiring. We will continue to utilize Traci and StrengthsFinder as we have openings. Thank you, Traci!

– Kate Troelstra
Clayton State University

Special Events and Retreats

Overwhelming Success!  The session accomplished exactly what was needed for our team to build a better understanding of themselves and their peers.  Your program has helped change the conversations of the team for the positive and has made them feel that the Hotel has personally invested in them.  There have been both personal and professional breakthroughs, and that will set us up for achieving our goals for 2016!  Your oratory skills were also impressive and highlighted in their feedback.  We can’t wait to have you come back for our mid-year session this summer.

– Charleston Marriott

My name is Erica Roy and I serve as the Vice President of Operations for the Beta Zeta Chapter of Kappa Delta. As the Vice President of Operations, one of my responsibilities for our chapter involves leadership development among our executive council. In my efforts to improve our leadership, I reached out to Traci Newkirk for her Strengths Finders program coaching. Traci conducted a full StrengthsFinder session for our ten executive council members. Our council was so very fortunate to have experienced this session to understand one another’s core qualities and leadership styles. With Traci’s help, we feel much more prepared to work together as a team to conquer the needs of our organization of 400 women. I have experienced many leadership conferences, speeches, and workshops; however, I have never experienced such a beneficial program as Traci’s. Not only was the program facilitated extremely well, Traci offered such a positive outlook on all of the topics encountered. I believe Traci to be a highly skilled expert in her field. She conducted her session with poise and with the utmost enthusiasm for our council. Her dedication to our development was proven through the preparation and execution of our session. We were in contact for weeks up until our session’s date and in those conversations, Traci was interested in every little detail regarding each of our council members’ strengths and details regarding how we would like the session to be conducted. One of my favorite things about this session was the personal touch and customization. Traci designed our entire session based on the needs I discussed with her to be my primary focus. She and her team then created customized signage for our council to keep in our home’s office to remind us of the strengths we all bring to the team. Furthermore, Traci made the trip to Columbia to host her session for us, exhibiting such selfless commitment to our needs. I, along with my entire council, truly enjoyed meeting Traci through this experience. Her session was utterly flawless and empowering to our strengths, but her delivery and interaction made the experience top notch. I would highly recommend Traci’s work to anyone looking to be inspired for greatness. She is truly wonderful and her program is remarkable.

– Erica Roy
Vice President of Operations for Kappa Delta

Starting a Business

Working with Traci is unbelievably easy and helpful. I’m not sure I would’ve felt prepared to start my own business without her! I was an elementary education major, so as someone with no previous business experience, I was able to learn about starting a business pretty quickly because of Traci’s amazing guidance. She was able to explain to me what I needed in a way that made it sound easy. Now, I have my own business, am networking and meeting potential clients regularly, and have been featured on local podcasts and magazines! I can’t recommend Traci enough!

-Tara Quint
Quintessential Health

In a fast-paced life, there is limited time to take moments for personal reflection and honest assessment of how life is actually going and where life is heading. For those trying to maximize that limited time to slow down, finding the right “rest stop” is a vital piece of the puzzle. In my opinion, if you have found Traci Newkirk, your search is officially over. Traci Newkirk will enlarge your view of your strengths, empower you with information for your journey, and enable you to take the right next steps both personally and professionally. I, without reservation or restraint, recommend Traci Newkirk as a Life Architect for anyone serious about tapping into and unleashing their potential to take their life to the next level.

– Jonathan Parker
Director of City Outreach, Fellowship Greenville

Individuals, Couples, and Families


“My family LOVED the StrengthsFinder session. We continue to reference what we learned when interacting with each other. So grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful gift of knowledge that will positively impact my family for years to come.”

– Nika White, Greenville Chamber of Commerce
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion

I would give my highest recommendation to any couple to invest time with Traci in a partnering session. My wife and I have been married going on 13 years and in one session we were able unlock many reasons to why we do what we do. Traci taught us how to celebrate our strengths and how to recognize when we are dwelling in our basement. When our session was over and I grabbed my wife’s hand, it brought me back to a simple time in our life before four kids and the pressures of life when a young Citadel cadet would move mountains to get out of Fort Knox to see the love of his life. Traci’s leadership will take your relationship to another level no matter what condition you walk in the door.

– Nick

My family and I learned about the StrengthsFinder program through a friend. We took the test and it   revealed traits within our family that even we weren’t quite aware of. It wasn’t just the test itself. It was how Traci Newkirk with Unstuck used the information gleaned from the results to educate and develop us. Our session had a positive impact as we learned how our strengths played into our communication and treatment of one another. Each of us had times when we used our strengths in a way that did not promote unity and a happy home environment. The tone of our home has improved and we all attribute it to the StrengthsFinder program through Unstuck. We now understand each other much better, and it seems on a weekly basis one of us manages to weave into a conversation something we discussed while with Traci. We highly recommend this program to everyone! The benefits could be life altering.

– Annmarie Howard